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Quality Policy:
Good products quality based on scientific management, advanced equipments and total process control which is participated in by all employee.
Quality Standard:
----ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Certificate
----ISO14001-2004Environment Management System Certificate
----Panasonic and Philip Supplier Certificate
Continuous Improvement System£º
----Total Quality Management£¨TQM£©
----Total Productive Maintenance£¨TPM£©
----PDCA Cycles
----Zero Defects and lane Production
----Employee Training
----Employee Suggestion System
Reliability Test Equipment
HTRB Tester JESD22-A108B
HTRB Tester TCT Solderability Tester
FA Analysis Facilities
----Steam Ager
----Dimension Scope
----Pull/Shear test
Dimension Scope SAT Stem Ager
X-Ray XRF Pull/Shear Test
Quality Assurance
----Incoming Quality Assurance
----In Process Control
----Equipment Control & Maintenance
----Control of Non-Conforming Materials
----Product Traceability System
----Environment Control
----Internal Audits
Quality Control Plan
Incoming Quality Control Flow
In-Process Quality Control Flow
Outgoing Quality Control Flow
Customer Complaint Disposition Flow(8D)
TGS obtained ISO14001 Environment Management System certificate on July 27,2007.
Company Environment Policy:
Protect the environment,Stand to environment related laws and regulations.
Prevent from pollution,Improve the environment comtinuously.
Reduce the energy consumption,Increase the work efficiency.
Safety and Health:For the safety and health management, occupational safety and health management are emphasized and implemented, training and education are strength end, annual physical examinations for employees and working place environmental tests are arranged following the applicable regulations and laws. To offer better health service, an employee clinic, which cooperates with the local hospital, has been installed in TGS. It offers medical service from Monday to Friday every week. In order to evaluate and control the hazards and the risks existing in the working environment. TGS hopes to decrease both possible accidents and hazardous risks in the working environment, to reduce operating cost and to promote the company images.
All TGS products and assembly materials are compliant with RoSH.
All TGS products are lead-free and 100% tin plating.